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We spesialize in Civil Labour Legal Advice Service, Litigation Assistance Advice Service, Personal Injury Assistance Advice Service, Conveyance Assistance Advice Service and Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Assistance Advice Service, to name just a few!

  • Telephonic Advice Assistance Service

    Telephonic Advice Assistance Service

    With the pressures of today’s stresses, even with legal training behind you, everyone needs assistance at some stage – here’s advice!

    Civil Labour Legal Advice Service

    Civil Labour Legal Advice Service

    Civil Law is the most widespread system of law in the world and become very complicated. Let us help and advise you!

    Litigation Assistance Advice Service

    Litigation Assistance Advice Service

    The process of taking legal action against another person or business, for whatever reason, needs to be done with some advice!

  • Personal Injury Assistance Advice Service

    Personal Injury Assistance Advice Service

    Injury to oneself or a loved one can be a traumatic experience. Take a deep breath and let us advise you on the best plan forward!

    Conveyance Assistance Advice Service

    Conveyance Assistance Advice Service

    The legal process of transferring property can become tricky and very challenging – we are here to help, here’s advice!

    Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Advice Service

    Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Advice Service

    Stay ahead of the pack with our vehicle accident advice. Protect your own vehicles and receive advice on accident claims for your business fleet.

Our Strength

Energetic Staff

Highly Flexible

Qualified and friendly Team members

Our contact centre consultants have years of experience in our service offerings and will be able to assist you with your request – guaranteed professional and friendly service, always.

Fast Response

Fast Response

Fast Turnaround time

We understand the urgency, as well as the delicateness of your request. That’s why we guarantee and ensure that our quality standards meet your needs. Our quality control system guarantees top class delivery with a fast response time.

Loan Finding

Quality & Commitment

Complimentary Loan Finding Service

Once you are a client of ours by signing up for our 2 in 1 service package, you are entitled to the extra benefits like our complimentary loan finding service – we submit your request on your behalf to our large pool of service providers.

Our Testimonial

  • Wow! Very impressed with your service delivery. Thanks for all the help!

    Lee MastersonLee Masterson

  • Thank you for a prompt response and for the advice. Much appreciated!

    Bill McKenzieBill McKenzie
    Office Administrator

  • Love how easy the application process is on your website! And your call centre, especially Carly, was so very friendly!

    Vicky CooperVicky Cooper

  • Your team is very dedicated and a breath of fresh air – thanks for the ‘service with a smile’!

    Terry DanielsTerry Daniels
    Office Manager




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